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      Start Ambition projcet (01 Jan 2017)

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      세기 아케마는 Ambition Projcet에 참여함에 따라 2017 1월 1일 부터 SAP와 손잡게 되었습니다.


      ARKEMA는 개별적인 ERP 시스템(I-scala)을 사용하고 있었으나 Ambition Projcet를 실행함으로써 전세계 모든 사업장이 하나로 통일된 동합 ERP 시스템(SAP)을 재구축 함에 따라 한층 업드되어 어러분과 만나게 되었습니다.




      Ambition 2017 - 2020

      The Arkema group is aiming to become one of the global leaders in chemical specialties and advanced materials.

      Arkema has entered a new phase of more accelerated growth and fixed up two objectives :

      • In 2017, achieve €1,300 million EBITDA (adjusted objective in September 2014 to take account of the project to acquire Bostik),
      • In 2020, achieve revenues of €10 billion and an EBITDA margin of 17 %, with a balanced three-way distribution by region (Europe, North America and Asia).

      2020 objectives

      2020 Arkema's objectives

      The Arkema’s roadmap for getting there:

      • accelerate our growth in high-performance materials through sustainable development innovations,
      • to continue small and targeted acquisitions in two priority areas, advanced materials and downstream acrylic,
      • to strengthen our presence in faster-growing countries, taking a diversified approach to China, India, the Middle-East and Brazil.

      Growth acceleration in High Performance Materials

      Arkema's growth acceleration in high performance materials

      *2014 proforma sales including Bostik; 2005 using new reporting

      Towards a fully global balanced footprint

      Towards a fully global balanced footprint

      *2014 proforma sales including Bostik


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